Cisternino, historic town in Apulia, Italy

Cisternino is one of the most charming villages in the area, rich in traditions and where it’s a pleasure to get lost among its alleys and small squares. Its charm is due to its unplanned, popular architecture that characterizes the historic center. Cisternino boasts the Orange Flag from the TCI (Italian Touring Club), a mark of quality awarded to small Italian municipalities for their excellence in tourism, hospitality, and environment. Cisternino is also listed among the Most Beautiful Villages of Italy and is part of the Slow Food Towns for maintaining its culinary traditions and protecting local crops and productions, such as the meat that can be bought in one of the many butcher shops in the historic center. Here, if desired, the meat is grilled right in the butcher shop and can be eaten at tables specially set up outdoors.

Exploration of Cisternino begins at Piazza Garibaldi, with the Municipal Villa (“Giardino Comunale”) and the splendid view that can be enjoyed today from the belvedere of the Valle d’Itira.

The atmosphere and charm of Cisternino reside primarily in wandering among the houses of the historic center and the other ancient districts that extend beyond the Cathedral and the Torre Grande. It is pointless to indicate a precise itinerary, especially since the beauty of the visit lies in getting lost and then finding one’s way again. Eventually, you will pass through Piazza Vittorio Emanuele with its Clock Tower. As you walk through Cisternino, you will discover the beauty of houses built close to one another, connected by arches, interspersed with stairs, adorned with balconies, and stone masks: a masterpiece of popular architecture gifted by the wisdom of unnamed masons and stonecutters. This is perhaps the main reason to spend time among the white walls of Cisternino.

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