Terms & Conditions


1. General definitions

All bookings are made on behalf of the owner of the holiday home as defined on the website, whereas DR SERVICE S.N.C (BY INPUGLIALUXURY) acts as intermediary between the home owner and the holiday-maker (hearafter referred as the “client”) in the rental contract. Client is defined as the person who makes the booking.

2. Rates and services offered 

2.1 The information pertaining the holiday home rented and the services offered is described solely on the Inpuglialuxury websites.

2.2 The rental rates, expressed in Euros, are meant per week or for the period stated in the booking, for the rent of the named holiday home, unless otherwise specified.

2.3 The rental price includes the costs related to gas for cooking, electricity, bath towels and bed linen, final cleaning (unless otherwise specified in the description of the holiday home). All and any additional costs such as air-conditioning, heating, firewood, sauna, extra beds, extra bed linen and or bath towels, extra cleaning during the week, are payable directly on site at a price to be agreed upon.

3. Reservations and cancellations 

3.1 Within three days from the booking confirmation, the client is required to pay 50% of the rental cost as a down payment  (ex art 1385 Civil Code). In the event the amount is not received within the above mentioned time limit, Inpuglialuxury reserves the right to assign the holiday home to another client.

3.2. Upon reservation confirmation, a voucher will be issued via e-mail, with the reservation details, the amount of the payment received and the number of guests allowed in the property.

3.3 For cancellations received within 60 days prior to the booking arrival date, the entire  down payment (paragraph 3.1.) will be refunded.

3.4. For cancellations received between the 59th and 31st date prior to the booking arrival date, 50% of the down payment  (paragraph 3.1.) will be refunded.

3.5. For cancellations received within 30 days prior to the booking arrival date, the entire down payment will be forfeited.

4. Balance payment of the reservation

4.1 Balance payment of the agreed rental fee must be strictly settled within 28 days prior to the booking arrival date.

4.2 Failure to pay the balance amount within the time limit as per paragraph 4.1,  will lead to automatic cancellation of the reservation, whereby the client will not be able to claim anything and Inpuglialuxury will be free to assign the property to another client.

5. Amendments or cancellations made by the client 

5.1 Booking amendments or cancellations must be notified via e-mail by the client to Inpuglialuxury. 

5.2. Any changes to the number of guests must be notified as soon as possible and at least six weeks prior to arrival.

5.3. Any reduction of the number of guests versus the number stated on the voucher does not entitle to any discount off the location fee.

5.4. The additional cost for extra guests required by the client will be agreed upon by Inpuglialuxury directly with the client. In any event, Inpuglialuxury will not be held liable should it be impossible to satisfy the client’s request for more guests than previously confirmed.

6.Changes or cancellations made by Inpuglialuxury

6.1. In the event of force majeure unpredicted at time of reservation (property cannot be accessed due to unexpected maintenance works, fire, civil war, riots, terrorist acts, natural disasters, labour disputes, nuclear explosions or adverse weather conditions….) Inpuglialuxury is entitled to withdraw from the contract without penalty and the client is entitled to a full reimbursement of any deposits paid.

6.2 Nevertheless, Inpuglialuxury will strive to find alternative accommodations and the price will be agreed with the client. Should the alternative accommodations not be to the liking of the client, the client may demand a reimbursement of the deposit paid.

7. Number of guests/pets 

7.1 Accommodation is reserved exclusively for the number of guests stated on the voucher. No further persons can take advantage  of the holiday home unless agreed upon in writing with Inpuglialuxury. Pets are allowed solely if it is clearly stated  in the terms and conditions for access and/or admittance to the holiday home, as described on the Inpuglialuxury website. Failure to comply will result in loss of the entire deposit referred to in article 9.

8. Arrivals, departures and code of behaviour 

8.1 Arrivals at the agreed meeting point are accepted starting from 15:00 hrs (3:00 pm) up to 22:00 hrs  (10:00 pm) of the arrival date stated on the voucher. For every hour or fraction of hour subsequent to the agreed time, an extension fee of €10,00 will apply.  For every hour or fraction of hour subsequent to 22:00 hrs (10:00 pm) an extension fee of €10,00 will apply.  

8.2  The voucher issued upon payment of the balance is non transferable and a hard copy must be presented to Inpuglialuxury upon check-in. The voucher will show the number of guests booked for the rental period and no more  people will be allowed other  than the number confirmed in the booking. An identity card of each guest  confirmed in the booking voucher must be provided upon check-in.

8.3 A number of guests greater than what was previously agreed upon and specifically stated on the booking voucher, entitles Inpuglialuxury to withhold the entire deposit paid, while the client will be required to pay a further amount equal to the entire cost of the booking.  

8.4 The holiday home must be vacated within 10:00 hrs (10:00 am) of the last day of rental stated on the booking voucher. A supplement of € 150,00 will be charged for every hour of delay or fraction of hour. 

8.5 Upon receiving the keys,  the client will sign a declaration of take-over of the rented property and its furnishings, whereby for the entire period of rental, the client will act as a caretaker of the property, of its appliances and furnishings.

8.6 Upon check-in, the client is required to pay cash the tourist tax, the total amount of which will be communicated on site. 

9. Deposit

9.1. Upon arrival at the rented property and receipt of the keys, the client is required to pay a deposit equal to the amount stated in the description of the property reserved, for any damages that may occur.

9.2 Said amount will be returned within 12 hours from release of the property after having verified su that: a) no damages have been caused to the rented property; b) cleaning costs do not exceed what is necessary for a proper use of the rented property; c) the rented property has not accommodated a greater number of guests than stated in the reservation; d) unauthorised pets have stayed in the rented property despite being specifically forbidden in the terms and conditions of access and admission to the property.

9.3 Any damages caused to the holiday home for an amount greater than the deposit entitle Inpuglialuxury to provide the owner of the holiday home with the details of the person and/or holder of the booking, and so enable the owner to claim further compensation for damages. 

10. Liability

10.1 The holiday homes offered by Inpuglialuxury are privately owned and reflect the local traditions and the taste of the owners. Inpuglialuxury has inspected all the properties it represents and has made every effort to ensure that these properties are apartments and holiday homes deemed suitable for rental and is committed to offer the best accommodations available.

10.2 Any complaints on matters that may occur during the stay must be immediately reported to Inpuglialuxury via the contact details indicated on the booking voucher. Inpuglialuxury will make every reasonable effort to resolve the issue. Any complaints that may arise after departure must be filed in writing within 14 days after the end of the period of rental.

10.3 Inpugliatour cannot be held liable for any damages caused by the property to the client and/or the guests confirmed in the reservation. 

10.4 Inpugliatour, acting solely as intermediary between the client and the owner of the holiday home rented, is not liable for any damages and/or any service failures of any kind (lack of, or poor internet connection, power failure, lack of water supply etc) that may occur or exist in the property during the period of rental. Should the client decide to take action to claim compensation for damages, such action must be taken solely against the holiday home owner, whose details will be promptly provided by Inpuglialuxury.  

11. Disputes and place of jurisdiction 

11.1 For any disputes arising from the execution of the present contract, the Court of Brindisi has exclusive jurisdiction and the applicable law is exclusively the Italian law.

Under art. 1341 and  1342 Cod. Civ., the client, after having carefully read and specifically acknowledged the contents, approves and expressly accepts the following clauses and related paragraphs: 1. General Definitions; 2. Rates and services offered; 3. Reservations and cancellations; 4. Balance payment of the reservation; 5. Amendments or cancellations made by the client; 6.Changes or cancellations made by Inpuglialuxury; 7. Number of guests/pets; 8. Arrivals, departures and code of behaviour; 9. Deposit; 10. Liability; 11. Disputes and place of jurisdiction 

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