Tenuta Morgana

Tenuta Morgana is a serene rural property spanning over 15,000 square meters in the heart of the Itria Valley, near Ostuni. This enchanting estate is adorned with a rich variety of vegetation, including over 150 trees such as olive, almond, walnut, holm oak, cork oak, carob, and prickly pear, alongside a lush Mediterranean scrub. The property’s distinctive Trulli construction adds a fairy-tale charm, seamlessly blending with the natural landscape.

Natural Harmony

The pool at Tenuta Morgana is a masterpiece of natural integration, featuring a basin-like structure surrounded by marsh plants. This setting attracts a myriad of wildlife, including dragonflies and butterflies, enhancing the property’s unique charm.

Wildlife and Sunset Views

At sunset, the property transforms into a haven for wildlife. Swallows skim the water’s surface, feasting on small insects, while long-tailed birds take their turn to bathe and rest among the surrounding rocks. This vibrant ecosystem offers guests a captivating experience of nature in its purest form.

Experience the tranquility and beauty of Tenuta Morgana, where every moment is a blend of natural splendor and rustic elegance.



Prices start at: 1,090 per night

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